hen there was the time that I worked for a company where about half the employees (one of whom got agitated following that pattern, to a degree that wasn’t as marked as that neurologists’ but still seemed markedly out-of-character) and the boss seemed hyperthymic.  To a degree that you wouldn’t believe, he ran the company as Louis XIV, the king who first gave French culture its cachet, ran his formal dinners.  The Duke of Luynes wrote:

During the suppers which Louis XIV was wont to have with the princesses and the ladies at Marly, it sometimes happened that the king, who was very dexterous, amused himself by throwing little rolls of bread at the ladies and allowed all of them to throw them at him.  Monsieur de Lassoy, who was very young and who had never been present at one of these suppers, told me that he was extremely surprised to see bread rolls thrown at the king, and not only rolls, but also apples and oranges.  It is said that Mademoiselle de Vautois, a lady-in-waiting to the Princess de Conti, the king’s daughter, who was hurt when the king threw a roll at her, threw a salad at him, fully dressed.

This makes me wonder, if the French Revolution had taken place during the reign of Louis XIV, would he have responded to the peasants by saying, “Let them throw cake.”?  Andy Warhole also ran his “Factory” like this, surrounding himself with wildly dysfunctional people acting out, until one of the women shot him, giving him painful permanent injuries which ended up killing him.  She was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

My mom got me that job and was there when all this happened, and she said I should apply for workers comp.  When I told the workers comp agent about the chaos of where I worked, he asked me why the boss was letting his company go to pot.  (What Louis XIV did was certainly self-defeating too.  I certainly wouldn’t want to be in a food-fight where it was just me against a bunch of other people, and I certainly wouldn’t want a bunch of my peers, who I’d want to influence, watching this time after time.).  I told the agent that ever since I was a teenager anyone who didn’t have a chronically manic personality seemed half dead to me and I surmised that half the people there did, and all of a sudden he started acting immensely grateful that I’m so understanding about hyperthymic people, as if the issue meant a lot to him personally, and as if he’s typically warmly sincere about letting his feelings like this be known.  He also showed that he realized how fair and reasonable I was.  Technically, what he said broke the professional distance between us.  Professional investigators aren’t supposed to spill their guts like that, but we DON’T GIVE A &#$%@ ABOUT RULES LIKE THAT, especially when breaking them would do good and wouldn’t do harm, and he must have known that I don’t give a $&@&! about them either.

But I’m sure that a lot of gay people have plenty of stories about recognizing that others are gay, and it’s like, no big deal.  The only difference is that recognizing that someone is gay is recognizing something that he/she already knows (though it might give you a chance to let him/her know that you’re not bigoted), but recognizing that someone is hyperthymic could do good in a lot of ways.  And what I’m getting at here is that you could do it too, just as easily as some gays recognize other gays.  Top researchers in the mood disorders field take pride that they can turn people’s lives around, but without any academic training you could also turn people’s lives around “in the trenches.”

And, of course, when you consider how much self-help conceptions of “personal responsibility” say that as long as it’s your problem then it’s your problem so you simply must deal with it by courageously changing what you can and serenely accepting what you can’t,

Yes, that pamphlet that she’s reading, which she got from her first Al-Anon meeting, is titled “Living with an Alcoholic.”  Learning how to live happily with an alcoholic, is what would constitute self-help for her, since that’s the reality that she must deal with.


(For more on this comic and how it applies to everyone, click here.)


you could see that no matter how outrageous is anyone’s behavior that had impacted your life, you could still simply be expected to deal with it.  Of course, one doesn’t question expectations that he be well-adjusted, self-reliant, non-controlling, etc.



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