erbal Baths:

How to prepare baths with dry herbs:

1 Make a tea with, by volume, 1 part of the herbs and 4 parts of water.  Let steep in the boiled water for 15 minutes.  Strain and pour the tea into the bath.

2  Fill a mesh tea ball with the herbs, and, if it has a chain with a hook, hang it from the faucet on your bathtub so that the water would go through it.  Without the chain and hook, just put it with the herbs into the bath.

3  Make a drawstring muslin cheesecloth or linen bag, put 2 cups of herbs in the bag, steep in boiling water to make a tea which you put into your bath, then also put the muslin bag into your bath.  The bundle can be used to gently scrub your body.

4  By volume, mix 16 parts sea salt, 16 parts baking soda, 8 parts oatmeal ( finely ground), and 1 part of the herb mix, dried and finely ground.  Add to bath as it suits you.

 And here are some ideas for herb mixtures:


For relaxation:

Equal parts of rose petals, lavender and chamomile

Equal parts of dried chamomile, linden flowers, lavender flowers, elder flowers, and angelica



For stimulation and skin toning:

Equal parts dried basil, eucalyptus and peppermint

Equal parts lavender, yarrow, mint, thyme

Equal parts of yarrow flowers, elder flowers, mint leaves and rose petals.


For Soothing:

Equal parts comfrey leaves, mint leaves, chamomile flowers and lavender flowers.


For Oily Skin:

Lemon grass, sage, yarrow, nettle, comfrey root

Lemon grass, geranium leaves, yarrow

Lemon grass, mint, yarrow, witch hazel

Rosemary, lemon verbena, geranium leaves, lemon grass, lovage

Rosemary, yarrow, lemon verbena, willow bark, lemon grass, geranium leaves, strawberry

Mint, orange leaves, lemon leaves, pennyroyal, patchouli, lavender, eucalyptus leaves, comfrey root, thyme, and witch hazel leaves


For Dry Skin:

Equal parts chamomile and rose petals

Equal parts linden (lime flowers), rose petals, elder flowers, honeysuckle flowers

Chamomile, rose petals, rose leaves, orange flowers, elder flowers, clover flowers, fennel, honeysuckle, linden (lime flowers)

Equal parts rose buds, acacia flowers, orange buds, jasmine flowers, bay leaf, rosemary, myrtle, thyme.

 Other ideas for baths:

Instead of filling the muslin bag with herbs fill it with bran, and if your skin is dry, add to your bath a bit of olive oil or a bit of milk, or if your skin is oily, add some lemon juice and tea made from empty lemon rind

Milk bath - add about 1 cup of powdered milk to a tub of water, or for a Milk & Honey Bath, also add 1/4 tablespoon of honey.

 How to prepare baths with essential oils:

Either add the oils directly to your bath, or,

In a jar mix 100 g of sea salt with 10 drops of  essential oils. Cover tightly and thoroughly. Leave it for several days, so the salt would absorb the oils.  If your skin isn’t too sensitive or dry, you could also use this as a salt rub, by, immediately before you take a bath, taking damp salt and vigorously massaging your skin until it turns slightly pink.

4 drops ylang-ylang, 4 drops marjoram and 3 drops jasmine oil

6 drops juniper, 6 drops geranium

For oily skin:
4 drops cypress, 4 drops orange

4 drops lavender, 2 drops orange, 2 drops ylang ylang

Inspiration and Motivation:
5 drops eucalyptus, 1 drop orange, 1 drop lavender


The above mixtures of herbs and essential oils could also be used for facial steaming.  After this, here are some facial masks:

Rose mask:  In an electric blender, blend 6 parts rose petals, 16 parts finely ground oatmeal and 4 parts honey until they’re well mixed.  Then, add 1 part rose water.

Yogurt Mask: Add a strong infusion of fennel seeds and honey to yogurt, or, for oily skin, yarrow instead of fennel.

Clay mask: Mix clay with water and your favorite herbs, and, if your skin is dry, with oil instead of water.  If mixed with water, leave on until dry, or, if with oil, for 15 minutes.

Oil Mask for Dry Skin:  Add small amounts of your favorite herbs to either avocado or olive oil and warm gently.  Cool and allow to stand for eight hours.  Warm again and apply generously to your face, possibly massaging it.  After ten minutes, rinse with warm, then cool water.

 Suggested herbs for masks:

For oily skin:
Lemon Grass

For Dry Skin:
Linden flowers

Lady’s mantle

 Or here’s another idea, for when you could really luxuriate:

Chamomile, Lavender, and Valerian Herbal Wrap

3 cups fresh herbs:
1 cup chamomile, chopped
1 cup valerian root, grated
1 cup lavender, grated


1½ cups dried herbs:
½ cup dried chamomile
½ cup dried valerian root
½ cup dried lavender

3 inch wide strips of gauze, light cotton, or light linen
1 large pot, i.e. a meñudo pot, or lobster pot
1 plastic sheet or shower curtain liner

Find a good spot where you could relax, such as on a bed, preferably with a space heater.  Unless this is on something that won’t absorb the herb infusion, put the plastic sheet or liner on this surface.  Set blankets nearby.  Put the herbs in a pot, fill with water, bring to a boil in the kitchen, and simmer, covered, for five minutes.  With a strainer, scoop out as much of the herbs as possible, leaving the infusion in the pot.  Place the fabric strips in the infusion and let them steep for five minutes.  Bring the pot into the room where you’ll have your herbal wrap.  There, take out the strips one at a time, wringing out the excess water.  Snugly wrap the strips around your legs, then arms, and lastly your torso.  Tuck the ends of each strip over what you’ve already wrapped, so that they’d press on your body snugly.  Lay down on your bed, cover yourself with the blankets to trap in the vapor and herbal oils, and relax for ten minutes or a bit longer.  Then, slowly take off the strips.

For a stimulating wrap, you could replace the chamomile valerian and lavender, with 1 cup fresh chopped lemongrass or ½ cup dried, and a 3 inch piece of ginger root grated, and make the infusion by bringing the water to a boil, letting it simmer for five minutes, taking it off the heat, and letting it steep for another five minutes.

 To go with all this, here’s the recipe for Hunza Diet bread:

The Hunza are a Himalayan society which, through very wise natural food-growing methods, grow foods that give them great health and longevity.

4 cups of water
3.5 (three & one half) to 4 pounds of natural buckwheat or millet flour
1.5 (one & one half) cups of canola oil
1.5 (one & one half) cups of natural unrefined sugar
16 ounces of honey
16 ounces of molasses
4 ounces of powdered soya milk (half cup)
1 teaspoon sea salt
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
2 teaspoons baking powder (non aluminium)
You may also add: apricots, raisins, chopped walnuts, almonds, sliced dates to the above ingredients. Mix ingredients.  Grease and lightly flour cooking pan(s).  Ideally use baking trays with about 1 inch high sides.  Pour batter in pan(s) half an inch thick over the base.  Bake at about 300 degrees fahrenheit (150 C.) for 1 hour.  After cooking, dry the bread in the oven for two (2) hours at a very low heat - 90 degrees farenheit (50 C).  After it is cooled tip out and cut into approx 2 inch x 2 inch squares.  Store it wrapped in cloth in a container.


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