Here are some on bipolar disorder.   Mine is the first site I’ve seen on a hyperthymic temperament with no pathologies, which science would call “soft bipolar disorder,” but plenty out there could.

FyrenIyce Australian Bipolar Website
The woman who put this together, Fractal, is very interested in helping people, answering their questions, etc., based on her own personal experiences.

One heck of a hotlist of mainly academic-looking stuff

A book on soft bipolar disorder

Michi’s Website
Looks like a hyperthymic designed it  

Bulletin Board with E-mail List

The Waterfall
With plenty of resources, such as a guestbook, its own e-mail list, its own Internet clubs, greeting cards, etc.

A Silver Lining, more resources like this

Bipolar World, with some resources and just plain info

Harbor of Refuge Organization, Inc., peer support

The Winds of Change Support Group

The Mercurial Mind
With plenty of resources, as if we like to be productive and helpful


Bipolar ICQ List

Bipolar not Bonkers

Lithium Plus Working Group, in Holland, which would mean that it would be all too easy for their members to act out any desires to screw up on drugs

And here are some good websites for looking up information on prescription drugs, WebMD, RxList, Prescription Drug Info,, and the Norfolk NHS Mental Health Trust.


 Here are some on depression.  

Students Working Against Depression

The National Foundation for Depressive Illness

Andrew’s Depression Page

Koko’s Page, The Effexor Blues

Because Depression is an ILLNESS Not a State of Mind or a Weakness
A pretty complete website including a Support Groups, Crisis Centers and Other Organizations page listing depression-oriented newsgroups, personal experiences, a guestbook, etc.

Black Days; Blue Nights—Living with depression
a pretty complete site

Soul Sadness with plenty of links, by someone very devoted to getting out the info on depression

The Clinical Depression Page, which begins, “I do accept e-mails and I will respond to them, but I am in no way a mental health professional and can not replace one,” includes a message board

Depression and Suicide in Children and Adolescents

Suicide Prevention Help

Metanoia’s Online Depression Resources

Metanoia’s If You Are Thinking About Suicide... Read This First


 Wild Hick Culture  


Smoky Mountain Today

Bluegrass & Acoustic Music Web Ring

Branson USA Online
fairly folksy stuff

 Other American Rednecks  

Redneck Rampage

Top 75, You Might be a Redneck If

You Might be a Redneck If

You’re a Redneck If

Jeff Foxworthy’s Homepage


Kashtan Ukrainian Cossack Song & Dance Ensemble
neat stuff including a guestbook

Radost Folk Ensemble
more neat dynamic pictures

Roztiazhka Ukrainian Cossack Dancers
more neat stuff including a guestbook with postings from all over the place

Bera’s Russian Links
with a URL from Israel, also includes some Ukrainian links

Slavophilia Slavic and East European Resources, Slavic and East European Music Links
great links


Klezmer Real Audio and Video Clips
from the site, from Tara Publications, the same company which, decades ago, printed that catalog which described one of its records as “The beloved words of our ancient prophets, set to music,” and, as described on my home page, I immediately came up with what was my idea of the words of an ancient prophet set to Hassidic music.

Examples of Klezmer Music

Ari Davidow’s Klezmer Shack
lots of links and info

The Essential Klezmer
book summary

Chabad Lubavitch
the biggest sect of Hassidism


African Music Showcase
includes a discussion group, and is still growing

Africultures English Language Pages
includes modern artistic expression

Guides to African and Black Music
plenty of links from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The Artchive, African Art

not wild hick culture, but regular news stories from Africa, which most elsewhere would never have heard of

 Latin Jazz  

World-Wide Samba
chat room, discussion

Latin Jazz Network


 Anti-Addiction Resources

Web of Addictions
plenty of links to anti-addiction sites

Baltimore Believe
an advertising campaign on the drug problem in Baltimore, which could also apply to plenty of other places

Devil’s Candy
on cocaine and crack addiction  

The Hoffman Estates Police Department Street Drugs Info
has basic info on the most common street drugs.  For a village police department, they have a pretty good website, even a Sex Offenders page, with photos of the village’s pervs.

National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information, Alcohol and Drug Facts, more info

Foundation for a Smokefree America

 Some Fun Sites  

takes you to random sites  You could find some neat stuff here if you keep looking at random site after random site; this was where I found the Smoky Mountain Today site and the allAfrica site.

France’s Environmental Ministry
their English language homepage

 Put Your Own Websites on Search Engines!

Aeiwi, Ah-Ha!, Alta Vista, Ask Jeeves, Direct Hit, Excite, Google Search, HotBot, Info Tiger, Lycos, MSN Web Search, Nerd World, Northern Light, Open Directory Project, Sprinks by About, Yahoo, and more free links on this commercial site


 Others of Interest  

United Nations

World Health Organization

Anti-Cult, Steven Hassan’s Freedom of Mind Home page

Newspapers of the World on the Internet

Sassociations Pen Pal Links

Haiti Global Village











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